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Exciting New Changes:

Our Approach to Fall Worship

Christian Education


At the June consistory meeting, the consistory approved an adjustment to the Worship/Sunday School schedule. The consistory approved keeping the Sunday worship start time at 10:00 even after Sunday School begins again in September. Sunday School will begin at 9:30 am and the children will have the opportunity to attend worship through the Children's Sermon and then participate in reinforcement activities until the end of worship.

 These changes grew out of discussions that parents of children in the Sunday School program had with members of the Spiritual Care Committee. The committee folks were speaking about their desire to have more families attend worship and to have the children participate more in worship. The parents spoke of their desire to attend worship more frequently. After much discussion and prayer, and more discussion and more prayer, this is what the consistory has approved:  Sunday School will begin at 9:30; the first 20-25 minutes (until 9:55) will focus on scripture, the scripture lesson for the day, and scripture memory verse work. At 10:00 everyone will be in worship; the Sunday School children will sit with their classes at the front of the church. The Sunday School teachers and parent leaders of the week will help the children follow the order of worship in the bulletin, and encourage their participation in the responsive readings, and in singing the hymns. During the time of the children’s sermon, all of the children will come forward. The theme of the children’s sermon will come from the Sunday School scripture lesson. When the children’s sermon is done, the children and the parent facilitators will go down to their classrooms to participate in reinforcement activities. The children will have a light snack and will also participate in music – either singing or ringing the small bells, as they have done in the past. When the worship service is done, the parents and other members of the congregation will join the Sunday School children in Fellowship Hall. More details are inside this newsletter regarding how all this will work.

We anticipate several good things arising from this:

Children will become more active in worship, and more focused.

Parents will be able to focus on worship as well.

More families will be able to attend worship.

We should be able to reduce time conflicts between worship and cultural and sports activities, by beginning and ending our worship service earlier. After some research we have found that most churches in the area have gone to a 10:00 a.m., or earlier, worship time in order to accommodate the busy schedules of their members.  Thanks for your help in making this another great year.

Sandy Vitez & Donna Freeman

Faith Weavers 


Grow Faith
Grow Families
Grow Your Church 




2010-2011 Theme

Heroes of the Bible:

God is My Hero

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Welcome back to another exciting new year at the Readington Reformed Church!

Sunday School will begin promptly at 9:30 AM 
The following teachers will be 
Lesson Leaders this school year: 

Little Friends Preschool- 1st Grade: 
Carol Gauer & Judy Iselin 
Friends 2 nd - 5 th:
Laura Fields & Ralph Pantozzi 
Middle School (6 th - 8 th ): 
Bob Lefever

How will our New Christian Education Program work?

Our programming for children age 3 through 5th grade is based on a curriculum from Group Publishing called FaithWeavers.  Experienced teachers will teach the bible lesson from 9:30 – 9:55.  Children will attend worship at 10:00 AM as a group through the Children's Sermon.  Parents will be asked to help facilitate reinforcement activities downstairs for the remainder of the worship time.  This will be done on a rotating basis.  Materials and supplies, including lesson plans, will be provided by the church.

Our program goals for this year will meet the following criteria:

      Easy to use curriculum with a rotation style for teachers and parents

      Bible-rich with memory verses

      Participation in worship will become central to the Sunday School experience

      Integration of Music, Drama and Puppetry into programs

      Focus on helping children and adults grow TOGETHER in their relationship with Jesus

TODDLER TIME (NURSERY) Ages- Infant to 36 months

Readington Reformed Church will be starting A Toddler Program this fall.  We will be using another Group program that introduces “Two's to the Bible” in a fun way.  This program replaces the nursery and is more intentionally Christian.


The 6th, 7th and 8th graders will meet for their Bible Lesson from 9:30 – 9:55 and then will participate in worship for the entire service.  This class will also help 8th grade confirmands prepare for the special Sunday Night course with the pastor, leading up to their confirmation.  We will be focusing on “beyond the walls” to help our neighbors and to bring together our youth.


Once again we will be having the Family Outreach Programs. They will however

now be held immediately following Church or on Saturday nights. The Fall Festival

for this year will be held on Sunday, October 17th.

Our Sunday School theme for this year is God is my Hero. We will have a Fall

theme and incorporate the Sunday School Theme. This year all church members

are invited to attend!  We will have a light lunch and activities that ALL our

church family will enjoy .


We are working on a program that began as a desire to form a Youth Group in our community.  The program has the following goals:

      To empower the High School Youth as well as the Middle School Youth

      To contain an element of community service

      And most of all be a FUN way to deepen relationships with each other

This is a very exciting program that is still in its developing stages.  The YOUTH in this program will be developing the plan of events.  Ask for more details.


            'Tis the season to make music! This fall/winter presents an exciting new format of the music program here at RRC. The new music time for children will be during Sunday School and will temporarily serve as an expansion of the church's music program. Beginning on September 12th, 2010. Jessica Iselin will be teaching the children fun, uplifting music (and hand motions!) that relates to the themes of the Sunday School curriculum. This will help the children to better absorb the lessons learned on Sunday

mornings as well as build a wonderful musical repertoire that they will be able to share with the congregation in Sunday morning services once a month. Music time will take place downstairs after the children have come out of the church service following the children’s sermon, and will be done in groups according to the children's ages.

4th-12th graders are invited after the Sunday church service to rehearse in the sanctuary with Hilary Orlando and the new youth bell choir. This will be a great opportunity for your children to use the big handbells and learn some important musical skills. The youth will even be able to share their music on chosen Sunday mornings. We will keep you updated about the Sundays on which the groups will be sharing their music, so that your encouraging faces will be there when they do.


But wait, there's more...

            If your son or daughter has a musical skill besides singing and ringing that they would like to share with others, have them contact Hilary Orlando. She is always looking for young musicians who want to take part in making a joyful noise on a Sunday morning, whether as a soloist or with other musicians in the church. Christmas is also the perfect opportunity to lend a hand (or voice or instrument) to the holiday services.

We hope that this will be an educational, enjoyable and worshipful experience for all in this new season!  Welcome!

Hilary Orlando: (215) 337-1808, email- kittyonthekeys@live.com

Jessica Iselin: email- jessicaiselin@yahoo.com

The 2010-2011 choir schedule is as follows: 

10:20-10:40 Little FriendPreschool- Grade 1- Choir

10:40-11:00 Friends  Grades 2-5 Handchimes & Mini Bells

Youth Bells- Immediately Following the Service 

Jessica Iselin, Interim Youth  Director

WEDNESDAYS – Adult Choirs 
7:00-8:00 PM – Readington Ringers (handbells) 
8:00-9:00 PM – Chancel Choir

Hilary Orlando, Director

Readington Reformed Church
124 Readington Road (Rt. 620), P.O. Box #1, Readington, NJ  08870
Tel:  908-534-2077; Fax:  908-534-0868


Cathy Gumpert, Pastor

Donna Freeman & Sandy Vitez; Co-Chairs, Christian Education