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Once again, the 2006 Harvest Home again proved to be a wonderful and successful event in the life of our church, and this success is attributed to the help of each of the members and friends of our church.

On behalf of the Harvest Home Committee, Bob Lehman and I would like to thank each of you for your help and your participation!  . . . and to the children who sold flowers during the day and helped throughout the event with a high degree of energy!

Over 500 in-house and take-out dinners were served, and the various shoppes were active throughout the day . . . and all of this was happening while our sanctuary redesign project was in progress!

Thank you again to each of you for all of your help.  You really made an impact on the success of the event.

As part of the 2005 fundraising campaign to meet the 2006 annual budget, Consistory approved plans submitted by Bob Lehman for two dinners, and both were fabulous!

The first one was the revival of the popular Turkey Dinner.  This was widely requested by patrons of the Harvest Home Dinners, and it was held in its traditional timeframe of May.  The menu was like a traditional Thanksgiving meal and the Boutique and home-made baked goods were well received.

The second was a Fresh Ham Dinner and the meat was roasted in a wood burning oven.  The menu was also a traditional one and was well received by all of the patrons.

Both dinners helped our church close the gap to the budget and kudos to all who participated in helping make both of these events successful and enjoyable to all. 

                                                                                      Bob Lehman and Bernie Lewis
                                                                                      Harvest Home Committee