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2006 turned out to be a great year for the music department of RRC!  The youth choir, which was started in the fall, has been enhanced by the membership of two boys, Bobby and Brian Cole, those inseparable but enthusiastically devoted first cousins.  The choir has progressed very nicely this year, and we hope that many more of our church youngsters will join the ranks in the near future.  

The Cymbalum Ringers (youth bell choir) have also added two more members to its roster:  Casey Haines and Wesley Mauger.  Fortunately, they both came armed with strength, for they take care of the bigger bass bells with ease.  We now have more kids involved in the bell choir program than at any other time in my tenure at RRC!  

The Readington Ringers (adult bell choir) have done a fantastic job this year.  They have met the musical challenges of performing some very complex and difficult pieces.  And they have done so gleefully and always with smiles on their faces.  Kudos to them!  Sadly, this fall we had to persevere without the excellent ringing of Dawn Thompson (who is now realizing that pregnancy is almost as much fun as bell choir…).  But Jen Weber, possessed with inimitable talent, has graciously come to our rescue.  

And last, but certainly not least – what would we ever do without the magnificent efforts of our Chancel Choir members?!?   As is true with our other ensembles, recruitment is up here, too; Jennifer Krol became our newest member in October.   And Jessica Iselin, Lydia Lelah and Emily Smalley, our gifted high school students, have supported our ranks admirably.   Perhaps these good and noble souls deserve our most fervent praise and admiration, for they continue to lead worship on a weekly basis and do so, on a consistently high level.  We look forward to another splendid year of music making at RRC in 2007!

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                                John Ayer